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Insolvency in Ottawa

When your bills begin to pile up and you are feeling that your debts and the interest and penalties accruing on them are beyond your ability to pay, you need more than just money to pay off the debt. You need a plan to help you manage your finances, restore your credit and stay out of debt in the future. At Bernier et Associés, we offer credit counselling services that can help you:

  • Put together a reasonable and viable budget that you can commit to
  • Understand how you can improve your credit rating by paying off and staying out of debt
  • Learn how to use credit in the future so you don’t get into financial difficulties again

Let Us Help You Assess Your Finances

The first step in our credit counselling process is to assess the current state of your finances. Our credit counselling team is experienced and empathetic; with their help, you will understand the full extent of your debts and what you need to do to pay off those debts. Once this assessment is complete, we will help you understand your options, ranging from consumer proposals to declaring bankruptcy.

The best advice that we can give to those overwhelmed with debts is: don’t make hasty decisions. Discuss your options with people who have the training and experience to answer your questions honestly and completely, such as your accountant, an insolvency lawyer or the licensed insolvency trustees at Bernier et Associés. Take the time to know the consequences of your choice of debt management strategies fully and choose one that makes sense both in the short term and in the future.

Creating a Debt Management Plan

Regardless of the option you choose as your way forward, our credit counselling team will then work with you to create a debt management plan to help gradually pay down your debts. Keep in mind that, even if you choose to declare bankruptcy, debts secured by property must still be paid. As part of our credit counselling service, we will also help you outline a budget that allows for the necessities and emergencies as well as debt payments.

Ongoing Credit Counselling & Support

Every client’s financial situation is unique – but it is very rare for debt to become a problem overnight. Debts usually accumulate over time, as do the financial habits that contribute to increasing debt. Having helped many, many clients over the years, we know that no debt solution will magically restore you to a firm financial footing. (Don’t believe anyone who claims they can restore your credit – only you can do that!) We’ve learned that debt solutions work best when our clients have ongoing support to develop a financial strategy and self-discipline that they can live with. That’s why our credit counselling team stays with you to help mentor you through your financial recovery.

Bernier et Associés is committed to full transparency with our clients. Our contract with you will clearly detail the services and fees for our credit counselling services so there will be no surprises – only peace of mind that you’ve finally got a plan to lead you to financial freedom. Call us today to take the first step!