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Authorized Insolvency Trustee (formerly known as Trustee in Bankruptcy) in Ottawa and Gatineau 

Bernier & Associates is supported by a team of chartered professional accountants, licensed insolvency trustees in Ottawa, Gatineau, Montreal and 12 other cities in Quebec and Ontario.


In the event of over-indebtedness, our financial reorganization professionals are at your service. The established integrity of the firm as well as respect and courtesy in client service are our priorities. Our goal is to exceed our clients' expectations, both in the quality of the advice provided and in the efficiency of the work performed.


No matter your personal situation, rest assured that our dynamic team of licensed insolvency trustees in Ottawa will offer you creative solutions that are perfectly adapted to your needs.


At Bernier & Associates, we are committed to being close to our clients and to building a relationship of trust, which we summarize as follows: "people in the service of people".

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Why Use a Licensed Insolvency Trustee?

If you find yourself in a situation of crippling debt, a licensed insolvency trustee is your best ally. 


As the only person in Canada authorized to manage bankruptcy cases and consumer proposals, his mission is to help you restore your financial status.


After reviewing your file, your bankruptcy trustee will recommend the best solution for your particular case. He can potentially help you avoid bankruptcy by suggesting alternative solutions that will allow you to keep some of your assets.

Our services

At Bernier & Associates, we also offer personalized recommendations to reduce your risk of insolvency as soon as you begin to experience difficulties in repaying your debts.

With so many rules governing financial services, it might be difficult to understand everything. Thanks to our varied skills, we can help you set up your debt consolidation file, benefit from the consumer proposal mechanism, or declare personal bankruptcy. Businesses can also use our services for a proposal, commercial bankruptcy or accounting management services.


Did you inherit an insolvent estate? Are you eligible to inherit an insolvent estate? The experienced team of Bernier & Associates analyses all the options available and helps you decide what favours you the most.

Discover our practical advice to analyze your debt situation and contact us in Ottawa, Gatineau, or elsewhere in Quebec or Ontario to discuss your needs. As Licensed Insolvency Trustees (LIT), your financial restructuring is important to us!

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Rely on Management and accounting professionals

Chartered accountants and insolvency trustees welcome you to our various locations.

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Benefit from a consumer proposal

The consumer proposal helps you to get out of an insolvency situation.


Recovering your finances

When faced with financial difficulties, seek the services of a licensed insolvency trustee

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For advice about debt consolidation, bankruptcy and more, contact a bankruptcy trustee in Ottawa or any one of our 15 offices in Ontario and Quebec. 

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