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Warning signs of over-indebtedness in Gatineau and Ottawa

Do you have too much debt? If so, you could be heading for a financial disaster. Our advisors for over-indebtedness in Gatineau and our other offices have prepared a list of indicators to help you assess the seriousness of your own situation.

The warning signs of over-indebtedness

  • You always spend more than your budget allows
  • You always borrow money to make ends meet, from one payday to the next
  • Your salary has been seized to pay debts
  • You make loans on your salary (pay loans)
  • You only make the minimum payment on your credit cards
  • You pay interest without reducing the principal of your debts
  • Creditors threaten to sue you or seize your assets
  • Utilities cut off services for non-payment
  • Collection agencies are constantly harassing you to get the debt reimbursed
  • You have experienced job loss, separation or divorce

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What to do in case you are overly in debt?

Review these warning signs: if you answer yes to one or more of the questions, contact us immediately to avoid the worst. We offer complete financial services in our 15 branches:

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