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What Can I Expect During a First Meeting with a Licensed Insolvency Trustee?

Have you decided to get help managing your debt? Then you’re making a smart move. Professional solutions such as debt consolidation and counselling are good first steps toward regaining financial solvency. At Bernier & Associates, our financial advisors and licensed insolvency trustees in Ottawa and Gatineau have been helping Canadians with too much debt for many years. Here’s what you can expect from your first meeting with one of our bankruptcy trustees.


A friendly conversation in a relaxed atmosphere

It often happens that clients arrive at our offices anxious, stressed and exhausted. It’s no wonder: many of them have tried everything in their power to settle their debts (selling their belongings, negotiating with lenders, increasing their work hours) and in return, have received little more than threats from creditors.


At Bernier & Associates, our understanding, experienced team recognizes that dealing with debt issues takes a great deal of fortitude. After weeks or even months of trying to manage the situation oneself, professional assistance is often regarded as a last hope.


What’s more, telling a stranger about your financial difficulties and having to rehash the circumstances that led to becoming indebted can be intimidating and generate a host of uncomfortable emotions such as shame, guilt, anger and despair.


To defuse the situation, we tend to begin the meeting in a relaxed way by chatting with you informally. This also helps to build a rapport and a relationship of trust.


An analysis of your situation and discussion of your options

After we get acquainted with you, we’ll analyze your file. If possible, bring along all financial documents such as account statements and pay stubs. Any and all information about your assets, revenue, debts and interactions with creditors will help us propose solutions that are optimally adapted to your needs. In some cases, expert debt consolidation is enough to get you back on your feet. In other circumstances, a consumer proposal or declaration of bankruptcy is the best course.


Moreover, at any point during the confidential meeting, your advisor will be happy to answer your questions.


Are you struggling with debt problems? Consulting a licensed insolvency trustee is the first step toward recovering your financial security. At Bernier & Associates, we’re committed to helping you escape the vicious circle of indebtedness. If you live in Ottawa, Gatineau, or elsewhere in Ontario or Quebec, contact us to today to schedule a free consultation.