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Assistance for financial restructuring in Gatineau and Ottawa

We offer consulting services for financial restructuring in Gatineau, Pointe-Claire, Pembroke and our 12 other offices. These services include participation in the management and administration of companies, as well as consulting services to debtors, creditors, shareholders and other parties involved in situations of corporate financial difficulties.


Debt consolidation allows you to combine all your loans into one.

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Debt Consolidation

Debt consolidation is the consolidation of all loans in order to facilitate your organization and obtain better conditions.

Consumer Proposal

The consumer proposal s'adresse aux particuliers rencontrant des difficultés pour régler leurs dettes.

Debt Restructuring Proposal

The debt restructuring proposal concerns companies and individuals whose debt exceeds $250,000.

Personnal Bankruptcy

In the event of significant over-indebtedness, the personal bankruptcy procedure makes it possible to cancel all or part of the debt.

Commercial Bankruptcy

Commercial bankruptcy consists in putting an end to the activity of a company in debt.


Our insolvency advice aims to avoid an over-indebtedness situation by offering you a personnalized management plan for your finances.


Our accounting management services allow you to be up to date with your legal obligations and to rationalize your expenses.

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