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The proposal is a procedure that can be requested by any insolvent person, i.e. a natural person or a legal person (corporation). The proposal is made to the general creditors' estate. Such a proposal is constituted only if the outstanding debt is commercial by nature, or if it is a cumulative personal debt exceeding $250,000. Our consultants will assist you with your proposal in Gatineau, Ottawa, Val-d'Or or in another of our 15 agencies.

Role of the proposal

The proposal is used to:

  • Keep a business running to avoid bankruptcy and closure of operations

  • Maintain jobs

  • Preserve profitable divisions and close the ones with a deficit

  • Restructure operations to make them viable

  • Hold the assets and make a settlement on unsecured debt

In addition, a corporation may benefit from the protection provided by the Bankruptcy and Insolvency Act by filing a notice of intention, which allows for a stay of proceedings until the proposal is filed. This procedure provides a reasonable period of time to implement a structural reorganization or to obtain new financing to ensure business continuity.

What does the proposal consist of?

The proposal may provide for:

  • Periodic payments

  • A procedure for the sale of certain assets

  • A procedure for selling the company in operation

The proposal must be accepted by a required majority of creditors prescribed by law and be approved by the court.

Contact us to prepare your file. We can also assist you in your company's day-to-day accounting to prevent financial problems.

Recourse to personal bankruptcy

Personal bankruptcy makes it possible to put an end to a debt situation.

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