6 Advantages of Using an Authorized Insolvency Trustee

Are you concerned about a problem of over-indebtedness? At Bernier & Associates, advisors in our Gatineau, Quebec and Ontario offices have many solutions to offer you before considering bankruptcy. Here are 6 advantages of using an authorized insolvency trustee.

1. Profession regulated by the Government of Canada

Your finances should not be left in the hands of just anyone. By choosing to consult an authorized insolvency trustee, you ensure that you receive financial advice and services from a competent professional who respects a strict code of ethics. To practice, the authorized insolvency trustee must prove that it has the required knowledge and skills and then obtain a licence from the Office of the Superintendent of Bankruptcy Canada (OSB).

2. Free consultation
Most authorized trustees offer a free initial consultation. At Bernier & Associates, we understand that your financial situation is worrying you, and we will quickly schedule an appointment to assess your needs.

3. Presentation of your financial options
Several options are available to you before you consider bankruptcy (debt consolidation, consumer proposal, proposal, etc.). Your insolvency advisor will be able to explain them to you and then recommend the one that best suits your personal situation.

4. Supporting our customers
No matter which solution you choose, we will work with you to create a debt management plan that meets your needs. Since we support our clients throughout the process, the vast majority of them leave this interview with one less weight on their shoulders.

5. Fees received through the Regulation
Established by the federal government, the fees of an authorized insolvency trustee are included in the settlement of debts. All associated fees are recorded in bankruptcy or consumer proposal payments and are generally spread over several months based on your ability to pay. You therefore have no additional disbursement.

6. Processing on your behalf with your creditors
When you appoint an authorized insolvency trustee to administer your credit, your creditors cannot harass you or initiate proceedings against you. Even if old debts resurface after the agreement, your advisor will ensure that the situation is regularized for you.

At Bernier & Associates, authorized insolvency trustees, we help you regain control of your finances, whether through debt consolidation or a consumer proposal, for example. Contact us at our offices in Gatineau or elsewhere in Quebec or Ontario.

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