About Us

Our mandates

Evaluation of consumers' financial situation;

Financial analysis of companies to determine their viability;

Management of bankruptcy filings of consumers and companies and proposals by virtue of Bankruptcy and Insolvency Act;

Management of all the files of bankruptcies and consumers' propositions for Hull's office;

Management of the human resources for the Financial Services and Special services for the group Samson Bélair / Deloitte et Touche Inc.;

Daniel participated in the reorganization of the service of the personal bankruptcies of several Samson Bélair / Deloitte et Touche`s offices in Canada.

Our Mandates

Evaluate the financial situation of companies and preparation of reports for management, shareholders and financial institutions;

Manage/create operating budgets and financial fluctuations, recovery packages and liquidation plans for companies and financial institutions;

Counsel clients and guarantors with the aim of limiting their commitments to lenders and creditors;

Thorough check for purchases and/or sales of companies;

Help in liquidation sales of company assets or sale of operating companies;

Council companies in reorganization by virtue of the Bankruptcy and Insolvency Act or of the or of the Companies’ Creditors Arrangement Act;

Management of receivership warrants for the profit of financial institutions, corporate reorganizations, commercial and consumer bankruptcies;

Review of accounting registers to look for deceitful deals on behalf of management;

Management of inquiries in collaboration with the RCMP, as part of financial frauds and corporate assets squandering.

Court appearances for bankruptcy, certified proposals and stakes under sequestration.